Information Techology Consultant - Robert Pigott
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Robert has over 15 years’ local and international experience working on a diverse range of Information Technology projects. Primarily calling on his background in cost and management accounting Robert has designed, developed and implemented numerous systems using the latest technologies for international clients.

Systems include hotel/guest reservation for a multi-national oil & gas company and a financial data warehouse for a multi-national human resource consulting firm.



  • Studied Cost and Management Accounting


  • Designing database solutions for Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Designing business intelligence solutions with Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Developing Windows .Net web applications and Web Services.
  • Financial reporting
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft Server Support


Over 15 years experience:

  • Successfully designed and implemented a new financial data warehouse solution for a multi-national human resource consulting firm
  • Undertook project to develop a hotel/guest house reservation system for a multi-national oil & gas company in Angola.
  • Successfully designed and built an electronic Invoicing system for an international human resource consulting firm, to enable the automatic billing of around 400 contractors to a multi-national technology and consulting corporation.
  • Undertook project to migrate all contractor pay and bill data to a new billing system for a human resource consulting firm covering the UK & Europe.
  • Undertook project to replace Cognos Financials with a new reporting suite using Microsoft SharePoint Server for a human resource consulting firm in the UK & Europe.


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